NXT Robotics is a leader in the automated security sector

NXT Robotics Corp. (“NXT Robotics”) is a leader in the automated security sector focused on connecting our proprietary software platforms to a variety of robotic devices. NXT Robotics mobile observation systems can plug into your existing security services (guards, static cameras, etc.) to successfully combine onsite, remote, and robotic surveillance.

NXT Robotics’ first go-to market product, our mobile surveillance unit, is designed for a variety of outdoor environments. This autonomous robotic device is rugged enough to remain active in extreme weather like pouring rain, freezing cold, and blaring heat. The robot can navigate the complexities of changing ground cover, unexpected obstacles, and other moving objects (cars, people, animals).

Reliable and cost-effective, our mobile unit features:

  • Responsive four-camera system
  • Recording and broadcasting capabilities
  • Two- way interactive audio system
  • Heat detection camera to detect people, vehicles, and equipment (optional)
  • Safety lights for visibility and safety presence
  • License Plate Recognition with white/black listing
  • People and posture detection
  • We designed our Observe & Alert system to proactively detect and prioritize security and safety issues in your office, parking garage, job site, campus, or community. The mobile unit will detect, record, and broadcast threats directly to you or your existing security service.

Reliable, unbiased, and largely undetected, the Observe & Alert mobile unit provides you with an ongoing review of your property at a fraction of the cost. More importantly, the mobile unit gives you an early warning detection to avoid catastrophic issues like theft, fire, and destruction of property.

Video, image capture, and data readouts will also give you the necessary ongoing intelligence to analyze your organization’s safety and security posture unavailable through traditional static security devices like stationary cameras and fixed motion detectors.

Beyond Security and Safety
Mitigate the risk to your business, property, and work sites through the NXT Robotics Robotogo Engine and Platform. Robotogo is the “brain” of our system and can integrate with off-the-shelf robots. Once these pre-existing robots are paired with Robotogo Engine and Platform, you will be maximizing the physical possibilities of the robot with the intelligent analysis only available with our software platform.

NXT Robotics is a leader in the automated security sector
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