Fully Autonomous Security Solution

Autonomous Solutions

The Scorpion is a rugged all terrain and all weather outdoor security robot designed to provide organizations with round the clock physical security monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Deploy your own solutions.

Outdoor Applications

The Platform is fully enabled for outdoor applications, with the ability to plug and play multiple sensors and cameras. Our platform is truly a unique solution for all your outdoor applications including security, patrol and monitoring.

Get support and lifetime updates

Security Operations Center

Once purchased you get support and lifetime updates for the theme.

We are very dedicated to offer the best support experience possible and our track record shows that we do something right: Our support forum is a vibrant place to get support, offer feedback and help others. Our dedicated support team usually answers all questions in less than a day (at least during weekdays )

One click setups

Intelligent Analytics

One click setups made easy

For beginners it might be hard to set up a site the way our demos looks like.

The content import button does all of that for you and imports not only the content from our demo installation but also the settings (and for most of our demos also all images).

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