NXT Robotics has raised nearly $2 million in seed funding we are looking to close out our seed round raising an additional $500,000. These funds will used to fund our first sales and develop our next version of our Robotogo platform which will connect many robots to many devices If you are interested in learning more please use the investor form below to connect with us.

NXT Robotics

We automate and simplify security monitoring and reporting.

Business Summary

We have created an autonomous security platform that delivers a simple and low-cost security monitoring and reporting service. Our platform gives us the ability to create a recurring revenue stream while helping our customers save money by eliminating a portion of the costs and overhead associated with security services.


The company was launched in 2014 by Jeff Debrosse and, to this date, has been self-funded. Jeff has a history of building and deploying solutions on embedded platforms as well as large enterprise platforms. Jeff has also worked on DARPA projects as well as machine learning, AI and machine learning. Jeff has been involved in multiple startups and acquisitions in the past 15 years. 

Robert Rose has spent the last 28 years managing contracts for globally strategic projects. Robert is an exceptional leader and has a successful track record for building high-growth businesses.

Customer Problem

Commercial locations require security staffing to monitor assorted activities as well as environmental variables such as sudden temperature changes, open flames, gas leaks, gunshots, shattering glass and other events. These simple, repetitive tasks are performed by people and the costs related to hiring, training, salary and benefits make security staffing economically difficult to scale. Our platform has been designed to augment, versus replace, human security teams. This hybrid staffing approach provides for substantial cost-savings while increasing operational efficiency.


The IRIS and Scorpion offerings save customers from 30% to over 50% on the costs associated with physical security monitoring and reporting – while also providing a predictable and consistent quality of service. Our service offering is comprised of the IRIS or Scorpion autonomous platforms + our cloud-based customer dashboard/control center.

Target Market

We are initially targeting the following markets: (a) Commercial Property Management firms, (b) Data Centers, (c) Parking Management firms.

Customers: Pending close:

Los Angeles Int’l Airport – awaiting LOI (Q1 2017)
L&R Group (Q1 2017 – LAX trial beginning Apr 2017)
PDX Data Center (Q1 2017 – Oregon trial beginning Mar 2017)

Sales/Marketing Strategy

We have built a prototype that we have provided demonstrations to potential customers with. To scale our operations, we are forming strategic relationships with channel partners that can provide sales, service and support. Our marketing efforts will be primarily focused on the channel partners.

Business Model

We provide security monitoring and reporting as a B2B service. We accomplish this by delivering robots to our customers’ locations. Our monthly service fee is $2,500/month/robot for indoor security monitoring (IRIS) and reporting and $3,250 for the same services in outdoor environments (Scorpion). Our customers don’t own or lease the robots, but instead, pay for the service – which is similar to the existing model of hiring private security services. Due to the low cost to build each robot, the hard cost is recovered in the first two months of service.

Competitors: We currently have three competitors providing autonomous security solutions in the United States:

Knightscope: K5 (Robot as a Service – $5,000/mo)
Gamma 2 Robotics: Vigilant (Robot as a Service – $3,500/mo)
SMP Robotics: (Robot as a Service – approx. $5,000/mo)

Competitive Advantage

We have developed a highly-performant, yet cost-effective security robot that autonomously travels its security routes based on customer-defined schedules. When we deliver robots to customers, they are able to begin using the robots for security monitoring within an hour of delivery. We have also developed a lightweight, secure and modular robotic software platform that allows us to integrate commercially available sensors/cameras and capabilities with minimal changes to the underlying software – making upgrades (hardware/software) extremely cost-effective. This also allows us to integrate customer-specific sensors and cameras at no cost to the customer.

Funding Required

NXT Robotics is currently seeking $500,000 in a seed round of funding. These funds will be used to finance the production of our autonomous sentry platform and key hires. The funds will also be used for marketing and training to drive partner and customer adoption beginning Q1 2017.

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