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Launch your robotic applications on our platform.

Cutting edge platform for

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

“Featuring the NXTOS a new operating system to manage your robotic needs, NXT provides a secure by design platform for building your robotic hardware and applications. Learn more about our first vehicle for security operations.”

A versatile platform that provides support for your hardware, software and applications


We deliver what's Best!


NXT Robotics works with cutting-edge hardware and software technologies to create amazing security solutions. Both our indoor and outdoor solutions feature various technologies including a variety of sensors, cameras, motors, and materials. 

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NXT Robotics is a San Diego-based company with multiple locations. Our Headquarters are located in beautiful Downtown San Diego and our engineering office is located in Clairemont Mesa – one of San Diego’s key industrial regions. Our manufacturing facility is located in Reno, NV.

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