NXT Robotics Corp. Released Maverick, the 5th Generation UGV and Platform

NXT Robotics Corp., one of the leading software solution company, recently launched Maverick, a 5th generation autonomous vehicle, and cognitive software platform. Maverick uses the NXT Robotics’ cognitive –AI platform and can undergo a lot of customizations to cater to a range of functions that customers might want.

Maverick is an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). The primary purposes that it looks to serve include advanced outdoor physical activities related to security. It can function as a patrol vehicle at places like data centers, parking lots, construction sites, and detention facilities. It includes high-resolution security cameras which aid in the AI-based analysis that it is supposed to carry out. With the available features, it can detect and scrutinize license plates, facial expressions, and objects. It also can conduct audio based conversations with people and stream noises in response to particular situations, some of which, are pre-recorded.

UGVs are finding an increased number of applications and takers as many sectors look towards robotics to optimize tasks as well as to automate processes to reduce burdens. Robots have many advantages over their human counterparts in certain situations, which are ensuring their acceptance. The ability to carry out monitoring and detections with high precision makes the product particularly valuable from a security point of view. The lowering of costs is an added advantage.

The company NXT Robotics Corp. is located in San Diego and provides robotic security solutions. The service robots they manufacture help to support the security infrastructure and alert systems. Its products and services are of high performance and ensure a cost-effective solution for indoor as well as outdoor applications, and are available on a subscription basis as well as for purchase. The platform is secure by design and protects against both physical and cyber risks.

NXT Robotics Corp. Released Maverick, the 5th Generation UGV and Platform
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