NXT Robotics Corp. recently launched “Maverick,” its Generation 5 autonomous vehicle and cognitive software platform.

The baseline model of Maverick is equipped with four high resolution PTX security cameras that can be used to conduct artificial intelligence (AI) based analysis of a physical environment, along with license plate detection and facial and object recognition.

Maverick can also open a two-way audio stream, allowing the robot to communicate with people it encounters along its patrol routes, which are largely autonomous. The audio system can also stream pre-recorded messages and noises in response to particular situations it encounters.

Maverick uses NXT Robotics’ cognitive-AI platform, which facilitates rapid customization of Maverick’s baseline model, allowing customers to rapidly add new features and functions to robot’s original mission set.

“Maverick is an example of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) with a mission to provide advanced physical outdoor security patrol in places like Data Centers, Construction Sites, Parking Complexes and Detention Facilities,” says Darin Andersen, CEO and cofounder at NXT Robotics Corp.

“UGVs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies that want to scale manual operations using automation technologies as means to lower costs while enhancing the quality of operations.”

According to NXT Robotics, the launch of Maverick supports a partnership between NXT Robotics and Ricoh USA Inc., a Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company that has a large robotics service deployment and service division.

“We’re committed to helping companies like NXT address their customers’ needs, by providing the highest level of service on their robots and helping ensure that their customers realize maximum uptime for their technology investment,” says Dale Walsh, director of Innovation for Ricoh Service Advantage.

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