NXT Employing AI Technology to Manage Autonomous Security Activities

Includes Navigation, Surveillance, Situational Awareness, Threat Detection/Tracking


Navigation is a core capability of our security robots. Without navigation, the machine can’t provide responsive monitoring. Your robot will be able to navigate through complex environments with shifting terrain. Parking lots, store interiors, and office spaces are generally square in nature. The NXT robots easily navigate through these traditional locations. Construction sites and outdoor parks, however, require a higher level of navigation skill. NXT robots have that skill. Your robot will be able to easily navigate over sand, grass, dirt, and gravel.

In a retail store or product warehouse, newly delivered goods arriving as old merchandise is cleared. On a construction site, a cleared space today is a pile of 2x4s tomorrow. The NXT robot will be able to adjust to its environment daily, maintaining surveillance regardless of new and unexpected obstacles. Nearly no environment is static; a vehicle can suddenly block an entrance, or a vandal can disrupt a palette of goods. What good is robot surveillance without the ability to navigate through unexpected obstacles? Our AI platform gives the robot the ability to adapt its pathways, ensuring uninterrupted review and feedback about your business environment.


Mounted cameras and motion detection have limitations. CCTV is a great resource, but often only in helping to broadly define what happened in the middle of the night. NXT robots provide on-going surveillance from an endless stream of viewpoints. With autonomous, free moving NXT robots, you have nearly no blind spots inside your business. Blurry, distant images become clear, up-close images valuable in detecting criminals. Once alerted of problems, human controllers can move the NXT robot into the right place to determine the exact nature of problems or concerns. Moreover, controllers can broadcast messages, communicate with anyone on site, and send security or police for immediate action. NXT robots don’t just provide a simple view inside your business, but provide a method to interrupt and deter criminal activity.

Situational Awareness

As human beings, we have an innate ability to sense when something is wrong — when a car is in the wrong place, when silence is broken by shattering glass, when a dark room goes light at 2 am. NXT robots are able to maintain an awareness of the status-quo, and they can fast-track unusual circumstances for immediate attention.

Situational awareness reduces the frequency of costly false alarms. For example, if you have a manned patrol car pass through your construction site twice per night, your NXT robot will be able to distinguish that car from an intruder’s vehicle. The faint sound of a barking dog will not register as an unusual sound from inside your business. NXT robots can distinguish with 99.9% accuracy the likelihood of an unusual activity that’s pertinent to your security needs.

Threat Detection

A squatter can invade your parking garage, a vandal can deface your construction zone, and a thief can break into your store. A simple B&E (break-and-enter) can quickly escalate into theft, fire, or act of violence against an employee. NXT robots help detect threats early to prevent them from becoming costly, regrettable liabilities. Your NXT robot has the eyes and ears to process environmental activity and determine the likelihood of impending problems. Keep in mind, intruders can avoid traditional surveillance by lurking in the dark corners of your business. With NXT robot, there are no dark corners; potential threats can be tracked, lit, and photographed.

NXT Employing AI Technology to Manage Autonomous Security Activities
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